Four Reasons Why a Garage Door May Not Open Properly

When owning a home, being able to open and close a door with ease is important to many homeowners. There are times when the door may not open when the button on the remote is hit though. Many different things can cause a door to stop opening and closing on its own. The guide below provides four common reasons why a garage door may stop opening or closing on its own.


The Rollers Slip Off of the Tracks


There are rollers that are built onto the sides of garage doors. The rollers move on a metal framed track to ensure the door can be lifted and lowered smoothly. If a roller pulls loose from the track, it can cause the door to become stuck.


The Remote Is No Longer Working Properly


If the remote that operates the garage door opener does not work properly, it will not operate the opener. The batteries in the remotes can sometimes die or leak inside of the remote and cause it to not operate. A homeowner should replace the batteries in the remote, if it is not operable to see if that fixes the problem.


The Sensors Are Not Aligned


There are small sensors placed on each side of the opening to the garage door. The sensors need to be perfectly aligned so that they can shoot beams across to one another to indicate that there is nothing in the way of the door when it closes. If the sensors are not aligned or something is blocking one or both of them, the door will not shut when the button on the remote is pushed.


Broken Garage Door Cables


There are cables that pull the garage door open and shut as needed. When the cables break, the garage door opener will not be able to lift or lower the door. A broken cable may or may not be noticeable to a homeowner because some parts of the cable will be difficult to see. This doesn’t mean however that you can afford  to let it go.


If a homeowner notices any of these issues or simply cannot get their garage door to open or close, they should contact a garage door repair company right away. The company will send a technician to do an inspection of the door, to try to figure out what issue is causing it to malfunction. The technician will be able to give the homeowner an estimate for what the repairs will cost so that he or she can decide if it is a repair they want to do that day.

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