Understanding the R-Value of Your Garage Door

What Is the R-Value?

R-value is a measurement of heat resistance, which is the extent to which something can reduce the flow of heat. A higher R-value means a slower flow of heat, whereas a lower R-value means a faster flow of heat. As a result, garage doors with higher R-values make better insulators, which can have an enormous effect on the performance of garages.

Why Is the R-Value of Your Garage Door So Important?

Here are some examples of how a better insulator can benefit a garage:

  • Better insulation means increased comfort because it keeps the garage cooler during summer and warmer during winter. Furthermore, this means lower heating and cooling costs because less power is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • On a related note, a better-insulated garage means a better-insulated home, because it is easier for heat to flow from room to room, than from the inside to the outside. This is particularly important when the garage is situated beneath a bedroom on the second floor, because poor insulation make the bedroom’s occupant uncomfortable when they want rest and relaxation the most.
  • Poor insulation can let in more than extremes in temperature. For example, people who store tools and machines in their garages should beware of moisture seeping through vulnerabilities in their insulation, which will cause their belongings to rust and otherwise deteriorate at a much faster rate than otherwise possible. Likewise, it is not unknown for the pipes in a garage with poor insulation to freeze solid during winter, which will make it impossible to use, even if they sustain no permanent damage in the process.

How Can You Optimize Your Garage’s Insulation?

Choosing a garage door with a high R-value is no more than the first part of making your garage as insulated as possible. You should also make sure that your garage door is installed in the right manner by garage door specialists with a reputation for consistent excellence so as to minimize the chance of errors at the margins that will let in the outdoor air even as your garage door stands firm. Finally, you need to arrange for those same specialists to inspect your garage doors on a regular basis so that potential issues can be detected and corrected as soon as possible, which will delay the formation of new vulnerabilities as your garage door continues to see use.

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